1. There are two ways to connect your sources.

a. Go to Company Sources, click on Facebook Social, and click on Connect Account.

b. Go to Widget Sources, on the right hand side of your dashboard, and find Facebook Social on the list.

2. Once you click on Connect, the Facebook OAuth page will appear in a new tab. Log into your account, or, if you are already logged into your account on your browser, simply click on Continue as <<First name>> on the spot.

3. In the next step, you are able to select which pages you want to use with Reportz. If you'd like to connect all your pages, click on Select All.

4. Once you click on Next, make sure that the following options are all checked Yes. If they are not, Reportz may not work properly.

5. Click on Done, and that's it! You've now successfully linked your Facebook Social to Reportz.

If you'd like to learn how to connect your Instagram to Reportz, click here.

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