First of all, you need to be aware of Instagram’s API limitations and requirements.

In order to report your Instagram activities with

  1. Your Instagram account has to be a business account
    You can switch to BUSINESS ACCOUNT simply by clicking on “Switch to business account”
  2. You need to connect your Instagram business account with a FB Page you have a function on (moderator, editor or admin)
  3.  If you just changed your account from private to business, you will have no data history. This is because Instagram API gives access just for business accounts and will collect data from the first day you have switched from private to business account. 


If you have a private account, you will need to change it to business:

First, click on the three dots in the upper right screen.

Next step is to click on Switch to Business Account.

After that, you will be asked to choose the FB Page you want to connect with. This is essential, since that step is mandatory in order to have a business account.

NOTE: In order to connect/claim FB Page, you need to have a certain role on that page (moderator, editor or Admin)

After you have done that, fill in the needed info and choose the category. 

That’s it, you have switched your profile from personal to business. :)

Now, jump to and do this simple setup:

  1. Go to Sources 

Or navigate via the Account Settings

Once you're in the Sources menu, click on Instagram and on the "+" button on the far right.  

This will lead you directly to your Facebook profile/page. Simply log in and connect it as a source.

After you have added your account, it should appear within the Instagram sources menu. 

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