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How to Track COMPLETE CAMPAIGN Performance
How to Track COMPLETE CAMPAIGN Performance

Learn how to track your data on campaign-level and see the metrics for your complete campaign

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You can set Reportz so it keeps track of and displays your metrics on 3 different levels:  

  • Account level 

  • Campaign level  

  • Ads level

(NOTE: Read here how to connect all the sources you want so they are visible to you when making a new dashboard)

To set your dashboard so it keeps track of and shows the metrics on the campaign-level follow these 4 easy steps:  

Step 1: Go to Dashboard, add a widget, and select the source.

Step 2: Select the account you want for this widget, and select CAMPAIGN PERFORMANCE as well. Leave the ads bars blank.  

Step 3: Choose the widget and the metrics you want to show. 

NOTE: To get access to advanced metrics, make sure you choose the CUSTOM widget.

Step 4: Name your widget and add a wider description to it (optional), then select the size and the chart style of your widget. 

Once everything is done, click on Submit. 

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