Adding data sources for desired integration is quite easy.
You just need to go to the Sources page:, select the integration you want to add, and click on its logo.

After that, click on the blue “Add Account” button on the right and follow the authorization steps (it’s just 2 or 3 clicks) and enter the Account name.

Account name can be whatever will help you to distinct it from other accounts from the same integration.  

Some integrations (like Rank Ranger) require you to enter the authorization token. 

Some integrations needs you to have access to API of application in order to get them connected to Reportz

To do that you need to find your API / Token key in specific application.
You can usually find them on settings page of application
Here you can find API for Rank Ranger or to API SemRush 

Here is a quick video that can help you with this:

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