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How to Track COMPLETE ACCOUNT Performance
How to Track COMPLETE ACCOUNT Performance

Learn how to track the data on the Account-level as opposed to tracking just one campaign or just one ad

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You can set Reportz so it keeps track of all the metrics coming from your WHOLE account (this is useful for Facebook Ads, for instance) and not just one particular campaign or one particular ad.

This means there are 3 levels on which you can track and display your metrics:  

  • Account level 

  • Campaign level  

  • Ads level

(NOTE: Here’s how to connect all the sources you want so they are visible to you when making a new dashboard)

How to keep track of the metrics on the account-level in 4 easy steps:  

Step 1: Go to Dashboard, add a widget, and select the source. 

Step 2: When choosing the account you want for this widget, select ONLY the Account, without selecting Campaign and/or Ads. Simply leave the campaign and ad bars blank. (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

Step 3: Choose the type of widget and the metrics you want to show. 

NOTE: To get access to advanced metrics, make sure you choose CUSTOM widget.

Step 4: Name your widget and add a wider description to it (optional), then select the size and the chart style for your widget. 

Once everything is done, click on Submit. 

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