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How to get started with Reportz?
How to get started with Reportz?

Learn how to take the first steps and get max from Reportz

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How to get started video

To get started with we recommend you watch this short video or keep on reading!

Simply follow these steps and you'll have your first report ready in a matter of minutes.

1. Complete the Survey

Before you get started, you'll be asked to complete our short survey which contains three multiple-choice questions. Your answers will help us provide templates that best suit your needs.

2. Select a Template

Here you can check out a few template ideas to help you quickly create your dashboard. The templates are grouped by industry and each template has metrics that we think are suitable for this particular report type. Feel free to delete the metrics you don't need and edit the template so it best suits your client's wishes.

You can also create your dashboard from scratch and build your own template(s) for future use. (Learn how to clone dashboards here)

3. Add sources
In this step, you are asked to add data sources for the selected template. Make sure to add all the sources your client would like to see in the report.

When you complete this step, you'll see a glimpse of what your future reports can look like.

4. Try out Reporting mode.

In previous steps, you've been exploring the Edit mode of Reportz where you can add or remove widgets, and generally do whatever you want with your dashboard. On the other hand, in Reporting mode you can view the dashboard exactly as your client sees it.

5. Adjust the time period
Reportz allows your clients to view the data in their report for any period they choose.

To explore this option, choose a predefined time period or custom date range and your data will change accordingly.

6. Share your report

In the last step, explore how you can share your reports with clients. You can use the traditional option and export your report as a PDF. However, we recommend you select the second option - copy URL so that you and your clients can enjoy the benefits of our live link (described in step 5). Also, you can set up mail reporting and your reports will be automatically sent to your clients every week/month.
Click here to learn how to set up email reporting.

Now that you know how Reportz works, click on the button below to head over to our app and create your first dashboard.

Happy Reporting! :)

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