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How to schedule and automatically send your reports
How to schedule and automatically send your reports

Read this article to learn how you can set up your dashboards to be automatically sent to your clients

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If you wish to send your reports to your clients at a specific time of the month or week you can do so by scheduling it within your dashboard. 

You can access this feature by clicking on the share button located in the upper right corner of your dashboard, and then clicking on Mail reporting.

After you click on the Mail reporting this will appear: 

There are five things you need to configure. 

  1. To whom you want your report to be sent (up to 5 different email addresses)

  2. When you want it sent

  3. What date range you want for the report

  4. Whether or not you want to include a PDF of the report in the email as an attachment

  5. Whether or not you want a preview of the email to be sent to you after you scheduled


In this section, you should put email addresses of your clients and/or colleagues whom you want to receive automatic reports.
Have in mind that one report can be sent to only 5 different email addresses. 


Your reports can be sent on a weekly or monthly basis. You can, for example, use weekly reports to track your progress and use a monthly schedule for reporting to your client. 

You choose this by clicking on MONTHLY or WEEKLY buttons. 

When you click on MONTHLY, you can choose the reports to be sent at the first day of the month, the last day of the month, or the first workday of the month. 

If you choose your reports to be sent Weekly, you can choose the exact day of the week you want your reports to be sent. 


In the time section you choose when (exact hours) you want your dashboards to be sent and for which timezone

Date range

In the date range section, you can choose which date range you want your reports to have.

The ones that are currently available are: 

  1. Last 7 days

  2. Last  30 days

  3. Last month

  4. Last week

The last two checkboxes are optional and allow you to choose if you want your report in a PDF format as well; and if you want a preview of the email to be sent to you immediately.

Now all that’s left is to hit the SCHEDULE button, and you’re good to go!

Note: Have in mind that you can always access your scheduled reports in the Automatic Reports section in your account settings, and also inside the dashboards themselves under SCHEDULED AUTOMATIC REPORTS

If you are interested in setting up your white-labeled email reporting you can do so by reading this article

User levels regaring scheduling email reports:

Users can, of course, schedule & send email reports, but can only delete the ones they made.
Admins, on the other hand, have complete control over scheduled email reports. They can delete any scheduled report on the account.

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