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How to create my first dashboard?
How to create my first dashboard?

Learn how to create professional reporting dashboards in Reportz

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To create your first dashboard, just follow these simple steps.  

Click on the Create Dashboard button 

Here you have 2 options: Start From Scratch or Start From Template

Creating Dashboards via the "Start From Scratch" Option 

First, enter the Dashboard/Client name. 

Now, you are in the Dashboard interface. Here you can:

  • Add data and Text widgets to your dashboard

  • Add your company logo

  • Add your client's logo

  • Add widget sources

  • Manage security (protect your dashboard with a password)

...and so on.

Note: Click here to learn how to Add Data Widget and how to Add Text Widget

Creating Dashboards via the "Start From Template" Option 

Again, you first need to enter Dashboard/Client name. Once you do that, click on Start From Template. 

You will now have the option to choose template type:

Click on the desired type and choose from the options given for that template type by clicking on the Create button for that option.  In this case, we decided to go with: General Reports -> General Website Traffic Report.

To create your widgets using the desired template, simply click on CLICK TO SET DATA button on the desired widget template.

Here are some examples: 

You will now be prompted to insert (one by one) the following info: main account, account and property:

NOTE: You need to add all requested sources and desired properties for which you want to create a report, only then will those widgets be automatically created on your dashboard.

If you add only one, for example Google Analytics source and desired property, you'll see only GA widgets on your dashboard.If you choose this option, no problem, you can add all desired widgets manually later, when you connect all your sources.

Final Touches

In the Dashboard interface you can style up your dashboard, add yours and client's logos, and upload a background image.

You can do all that later, as well.

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