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What is Add Text Widget section?
What is Add Text Widget section?

Learn how to create and use passive widgets in Reportz

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When creating a widget, you can choose between a DATA widget and a TEXT widget. 

Text widgets are custom made widgets that don’t pull the data from external sources. Their purpose is to help you add custom data, upload images or CSV files of your own data, etc.

NOTE: You can also use markdown for all passive widgets and footers. 

When you click on the Add Text Widget button, you can now select widget by choosing one of the three following options:

1. Plain

This is a plain text widget where you can write your own custom text and give it a custom title. You can use this to explain something in your report, add a personal message for your client, etc.

In the next step, you can add a title, choose the size of your widget and select the format.

PRO Tip:
You can use the Plain Widget to add a full width separator .
To learn how, read this article :)

2. Upload 

This widget allows you to upload an image or CSV file with a custom title and text description.

3. Historic

This widget is similar to the previous widget, but the difference is that you can also select the date range which that data is for.

Also, you can add more than one file if you need to compare a few.

Happy reporting!

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