To create your first dashboard, just follow the steps in the so-called Yellow Info Box (our copywriter was on vacation). Basically, do the following:

Step 1/3

To create a new dashboard, you need to go through three quick steps.

Name your dashboard. The best practice is " KPI's Report" or something similar.

You can also protect your dashboard with a password. 

You should add the domain of the website for which you're creating a report so you don't need to do it later.

Step 2/3

To create a quick report, use one of the predefined templates that suit your preferred report the most. 

After you have selected your template, define the sources for the template widgets. 

You need to add all requested sources and desired properties for which you want to create a report, only then will those widgets be automatically created on your dashboard.

If you add only one, for example Google Analytics source (step 2) and (desired property step 3), you'll see only GA widgets on your dashboard.
If you choose this option, no problem, you can add all desired widgets manually later, when you connect all your sources. 

Step 3/3

Here you can style your dashboard and add yours and client's logos, or upload a background image.

You can do all that later, as well.

Here is a quick video that can help you with this:

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