In Reportz you can apply custom filters in the Custom Filter field within a widget. 

Click on Add Data Widget and select Google Ads as Integration. 

After that, select your account and click on next.

In the second step, you can select your Ad account, Report Type, and choose your Widget. If you select any of the offered Report types other than Account Performance you could choose the Campaign and go below to Ad Set and Ad level.
These steps are entirely optional and you can leave each of those fields blank if you wish to.
Let's say that we want to filter out and show the data for only one of our conversions.
For this example, we will use a custom widget, and select Campaign Performance as the Report Type, Dimension (Conversion Name), and Metric (All Conversions).

Below the widget, there is a custom filter field. Here we can filter our data using Google Ad's API.
For example, we would like to present only one conversion.
We can do this by filtering the conversions by the exact match name of the conversion. 

First of all, we need to see which conversions are listed. To do that, we first need to submit this widget, and then we will get a list of all the conversions that are available and the list looks like this. 

Let's say that we only want to show Contact Form Submission conversions. 

For it to work we will need this filter:
ConversionTypeName==Contact Form Submission 

If you're using this exact match filter " == " it's very important to copy the exact name of the conversion.

This is how the setup looks like. 

This is how the widget will look like after we apply the filter. 

If we wanted to use a filter that would only remove Visit Duration 1 Min as the conversion we would use one of these filters: 

ConversionTypeName==(Contact Form Submission|Contact Form Submitted (All Web Site Data)) . This filter shows us exact matches for the conversion names and the names are separated by | - pipes. 


ConversionTypeName=~Contact Form
This filter allows us to filter out all of the names of the conversions that contain the words Contact Form.

Quick Pro Tip: if you want to filter out by the Dimensions and Metrics which are already in the widget, you can get their names by clicking on the Widget Details button. 

Afterward, just copy the entire name of the Dimension and Metric.

Never the less you can filter out by any dimension and metric that's available so feel free to test it out. 

Here is a table with all the Google Ads operators that can be used in data Filtering.

Reportz Custom filter allows you to combine multiple filters for Google Ads using AND and OR logic statements.

OR Operator

The OR operator is defined using a comma (,). It takes precedence over the AND operator and may NOT be used to combine dimensions and metrics in the same expression.

AND Operator

The AND operator is defined using a semi-colon (;). It is preceded by the OR operator and CAN be used to combine dimensions and metrics in the same expression.

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