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How to Use LinkedIn Ads Integration to its Full Potential in Reportz
How to Use LinkedIn Ads Integration to its Full Potential in Reportz

Learn how to properly use LinkedIn Ads source within Reportz and how to create most potent LinkedIn Ads widgets

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You can create LinkedIn Ads widgets in your Reportz dashboard in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Once you’re in the dashboard you want, in the upper right corner of the app, click on Add Data Widget and choose the Integration you want.

In the Select Account menu, choose the account for which you want to show the metrics, and click Next

Step 2

Again you have to choose the account in the step 2 Select Account menu. 

Then opt for the Campaign you want and select the widget type you want.  

Now, it’s time to choose the dimension for your LinkedIn Ads widget. You can opt for Ad, Day, or Month.

The final thing in this step is choosing the metrics you want shown in your widget, and click Next.

The metrics you can choose to display for your LinkedIn Ads widget include the following:

Company Page Clicks
Landing Page Clicks
Total Engagements
Other Engagements
Cost In Local Currency
External Website Conversions
External Website Post Click Conversions
External Website Post View Conversions
Viral External Website Conversions
Viral External Website Post Click Conversions
Viral External Website Post View Conversions
Conversion Value In Local Currency
Viral Likes
Viral Shares
Viral Follows
Viral Comments
Comment Likes
Viral Impressions
Viral Clicks
Viral Landing Page Clicks
Viral Company Page Clicks
Viral Total Engagements
Viral Other Engagements
Card Clicks
Viral Card Clicks
Card Impressions
Viral Card Impressions
Video Views
Viral Video Views
Video Starts
Viral Video Starts
Video First Quartile Completions
Viral Video First Quartile Completions
Video Midpoint Completions
Viral Video Midpoint Completions
Video Third Quartile Completions
Viral Video Third Quartile Completions
Video Completions
Viral Video Completions
Full Screen Plays
Viral Full Screen Plays
Action Clicks
Ad Unit Clicks
Text Url Clicks
One Click Leads
Viral One Click Leads
One Click Lead Form Opens
Viral One Click Lead Form Opens
Lead Generation Mail Contact Info Shares
Lead Generation Mail Interested Clicks

Step 3

Here you can award your widget with a name, add description if you want, and select metrics you don't want shown in your widget. 

Step 4

In the final step of creating LinkedIn Ads widget, you simply need to choose the type of chart/graph in terms of size and the visual type of your widget. Once you’re happy with your choices, simply click on Submit

Examples of Widgets Showing LinkedIn Ads Metrics  

Below are screenshots of several LinkedIn Ads widgets so you get the idea of what these can do and look like:

The widget below shows the number of Clicks, Comments and Page Views for the selected date range.

NOTE: By hovering a cursor over a certain point in time on your chart, you can see the exact number of, in this case Page Views, for that particular moment within the date range you’ve chosen.  

The following widget is showing the number of Impressions for the chosen date range:

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