You can create LinkedIn Social widgets in your Reportz dashboard in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1

Once you’re in the dashboard you want, in the upper right corner of the app, click on Add Widget and in Select Integration choose LinkedIn Social

In the Select Account menu, choose the account for which you want to show the metrics, and click Next

Step 2

In the Select Organization menu you need to choose the organization for which you want to show LinkedIn Social metrics and select the widget type.

In the Select Dimension menu, you can choose Month or Day dimensions. Choose the one you want. 

Now it is time to choose the LinkedIn metrics you want to show in your widget. Simply click on Select Metrics menu, opt for the ones you want displayed, and click on Next

The metrics you can choose to display for your LinkedIn Social widget include the following:

Careers Page Banner Promo Clicks
Careers Page Employees Clicks
Careers Page Jobs Clicks
Careers Promo Links Clicks
Mobile Careers Promo Links Clicks
Mobile Careers Page Employees Clicks
Mobile Careers Page Jobs Clicks
Desktop Page Views
Mobile Page Views
Page Views
Careers Page Views
Desktop Careers Page Views
Mobile Careers Page Views
Jobs Page Views
Desktop Jobs Page Views
Mobile Jobs Page Views
Life At Page Views
Desktop Life At Page Views
Mobile Life At Page Views
Overview Page Views
Desktop Overview Page Views
Mobile Overview Page Views
Unique Desktop Page Views
Unique Mobile Page Views
Unique Page Views
Unique Careers Page Views
Unique Desktop Careers Page Views
Unique Mobile Careers Page Views
Unique Jobs Page Views
Unique Desktop Jobs Page Views
Unique Mobile Jobs Page Views
Unique Life At Page Views
Unique Desktop Life At Page Views
Unique Mobile Life At Page Views
Unique Overview Page Views
Unique Desktop Overview Page Views
Unique Mobile Overview Page Views
Organic Followers
Paid Followers
Unique Impressions
Comment Mentions
Share Mentions

Step 3

In this step you can rename your LinkedIn Social widget, write widget description and choose the metrics you don't want to show.

Step 4

In the final step you can choose the size and select the visual type of your widget. Once you’re happy with your choices, simply click on Submit

Examples of Widgets Showing LinkedIn Social Metrics  

Below are screenshots of several LinkedIn Social widgets so you get the idea of what these can do and look like:

The widget below shows the number of Engagements and Impressions for the selected date range.

NOTE: By hovering a cursor over a certain point in time on your chart, you can see the exact number of, in this case Engagements and Impressions, for that particular moment within the date range you’ve chosen.  

The next one shows Organic Followers and Paid Followers

The following widget is showing a comparison between Total Page Views, Desktop Page Views and Mobile Page Views.

The 4 widgets below are showing the number of Clicks, Comments, Page Views, and the Engagement Rate for the selected date range.

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