If you want to use Reportz to keep track of and display specific goals and conversions that you’ve previously set in Google Analytics, you can do this quite easily with our tool by creating custom widgets.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the goal/conversion that you want to show in your dashboard has been first properly set within your Google Analytics account. 

To display specific Google Analytics goals/conversions in your report, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: When creating your GA widget, you need to choose Custom Widget as the type of widget (Custom widget option is usually all the way down in the Select Widget drop down menu)

Step 2: Choose the Segment and the Dimension you want

Step 3: In the Select Metrics box, find the specific goal/conversion you want to display

Step 4: Choose the desired goal/conversion  

IMPORTANT: Before you can add specific goals and/or conversions as metrics to your GA widget in Reportz, you must first set these exact same goals/conversion properly within the Google Analytics tool itself. If you don’t know which goal/conversion is which in Reportz, go to your Google Analytics account and see the names of your goals/conversion, and then find them in Reportz.

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