When creating your Google Sheets widget in Reportz, after choosing the Custom type of widget, there’s an option to check or uncheck the following questions:
Is first row header?
Is first column label?
Is last row footer? 

These options can affect the way your metrics are visually presented in your dashboard. 

Let’s say that this is your source spreadsheet: 

If you decide to leave all 3 boxes unchecked, your Google Sheet widget should look like this:

If you check the Is first row header? box - Reportz will display the values from the first row as the header in your widget, which means it will be seen separately from other values, and thus displayed and manipulated differently.

In this case, your Google Sheets widget will look like this:

If you check the Is first column label? box as well, Reportz will see the first column your sheet as the label and your widget will look like this: 

You can also check the Is last row footer? box, which means Reportz will treat the last row in your sheet as the footer, and your widget will look like this:

As you can see, the last row is now seen as the footer and the metrics that are in that row are not displayed in your widget.

NOTE: To use these options the right way, it is of crucial importance to organize and format the data properly in your source sheet.

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