Onboarding video

First step after registration is taking you to this quick video:

You can easily skip this step via the SKIP button, but we suggest you check it out as it provides useful onboarding tips :)

Next you'll be taken to Onboarding page where you'll learn how to add your first dashboard.

You can skip this step as well, but we strongly recommend you to try this step first.

Onboarding page

Simply follow the next 3 steps:

Select template

These are just a few template ideas that can help you quickly create your dashboard. Each template has predefined widgets that we think are suitable for this particular report type. 

You can always create your own dashboard and build your own template(s) for future use. (Learn how to clone dashboards here)

Add sources

In this step you are asked to add sources of integrations that are required for selected template.
Later on, in app Account Settings > tab Sources, you will be able to add all other sources of integrations Reprotz have integrated.

Name your dash and select specific property

In this step you should do two things:
 - add your Dash name (Best practice is to use the following format: "Client name Report")
 - Select specific property from sources you added in step 2


NOTE: In step 2 and 3 you need to add all requested sources and desired properties for which you want to create a report, only then will those widgets be automatically created on your dashboard.
If you add only one, for example Google Analytics source (step 2) and (desired property step 3), you'll see only GA widgets on your dashboard.

After that click on CREATE NEW DASHBOARD NOW and you'll be taken to your first dashboard which should look something like this 

Happy Reporting! :)

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