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How to change data sources on your dashboard
How to change data sources on your dashboard

Learn how to change data sources on any dashboard

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In Reportz, you can easily change your data sources on any dashboard or edit the source of a specific widget on your dash.

This can come in handy when you've created a great dashboard and you want to use it for another client as a template. Once you've cloned your dashboard, all you need to do is change your data (widget) sources and your new dashboard will be ready in only a few minutes.

You can do so by following the next few steps:

1. To do this, make sure you are in Edit mode of your dashboard. In the right sidebar click on the Widget Sources button.

2. From the list of sources, click on the one you want to change or add. Add your account and fill in the information (the required information varies based on the source).

3. After you’ve done this, click Update and all the widgets with that data source (e.g. Google Analytics) will be updated with new data.
Repeat this step for all the different data sources you have in the dashboard.

In case you want to change the data source of a specific widget and not the whole dashboard, just click on the Edit button in the upper-right corner of any widget.

In the right sidebar you'll see what information you can change - this varies by source. For example, for Facebook Ads you can change the Ad account and for Google Analytics you can change the Property and Profile.

Make the changes you want and then click Finish.

Repeat this process for all the widget sources you wish to change.

Happy Reporting!

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