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How to archive, restore or delete a dashboard
How to archive, restore or delete a dashboard

Learn how to archive, restore or delete your dashboards

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There are two ways to archive your dashboard.

1. You can archive any of your active dashboards at any time by clicking on the "Archive" button on the right in the Active dashboards window.

2. You can also archive your dashboard by clicking on the "Archive Dashboard" button located in the right sidebar of your dashboard. Please note that you must be in Edit Mode to do this.

Archived Dashboards still remain saved on your account but you cannot use or edit them. Also, archived dashboards do not count when it comes to your total dashboard number in your subscription.

This is useful when you have clients on hold so you won't spend additional time setting up another report for them when they return.

Delete or Restore

All archived dashboards appear in the ALL Dashboards tab where you can restore them or delete them permanently.

Note: Delete action is instant and irreversible. However, you can add a new dashboard at any time.


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