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How and where to set date and date-range on your dashboard
How and where to set date and date-range on your dashboard

Learn where to select a custom or predefined date range on your dashboard

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Before we tell you how you can set your wanted date range in Reportz, you should know that the date range can be changed in both Edit mode and Reporting mode of your dashboard.

The date range you set up in Edit mode is the date range that will be seen by default every time the dashboard is opened or refreshed by you or your client. However, your client will still be able to change this date range in Reporting mode and view data for whichever dates he is interested in.

Setting your date range in Edit mode

Choosing your desired date range for your dashboard is pretty simple. Just follow the next few steps.

1. Click on the General and Style button in the right sidebar menu.

2. Locate the Dashboard date range area where you can choose a Custom date range or select a predefined time frame out of these options:

  • Monthly

  • Weekly

  • Last 30 Days

  • Last 7 Days

  • Last Month

  • Mid-Monthly

  • Daily

Don't forget to click Apply after you've made the changes.

โ€‹NOTE: We recommend you choose one of the predefined time periods since that way your data will be up-to-date every time your client reopens it. For example, if you choose Last 30 Days the data will change daily based on the most recent 30 days.

Setting your date range in Reporting mode

You or your client can change the date of the dashboard in Reporting mode by simply clicking on the date selector and choosing one of the predefined options, or selecting a totally custom date range. Exactly the same as in Google Analytics.

Again, donโ€™t forget to hit the Apply button after you've selected your preferred time frame. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reporting!

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