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How to white-label my dashboards?
How to white-label my dashboards?

Learn how to white-label your dashboards to look as if Reportz is your own tool

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You can white-label your dashboard both visually and by using your own domain for reporting. To set your white-label domain, go to the Company Settings page, add your company name (if you haven’t done so already) and add your company domain.

Once you go through all the steps, your reports URL’s should look something like this:

If you experience any issues when connecting sources, try doing it via instead of your white-label domain (this doesn't affect the dashboards themselves).

Using your white-label domain

You can login to Reportz app via your domain link.
With the login credentials you have for

This way you are able to see all your dashboards URL white-labeled.
Also, you can send them directly to your clients, or use them any other way you like.


This is how the original dashboard looks like in Reportz:

And this is how the exact same dashboard looks like when white-labeled:

As you can see, 3 aspects of the report have changed in the white-labeled version.

  1. Site Name - this matches the name of your company in your Company Settings.

  2. The subdomain on which a dashboard is located.

  3. The company logo.

When logged in your white-label domain, Reportz support chat in the bottom right corner disappears. 

If you want to have your own logo appearing on your report, make sure you've uploaded it in company settings > Settings tab

And here you can learn more regarding Configuring a custom subdomain for white-label reporting

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