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How to customize my dashboard visually?
How to customize my dashboard visually?

Learn how to customize your dashboards visually

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To learn how to customize your dashboards, watch this helpful video or keep on reading.

You can customize your dashboards visually by clicking on the General & Style category in the right sidebar.

You can customize the following elements:

  • Company logo

  • Client logo

  • Dashboard background (upload a background image)

  • Dashboard colors (Dashboard background color, Header background color and title text color for dashboard and widgets, Charts and data color)

  • Dashboard footer

To see what color is meant for which part of the dashboard, hover your mouse pointer over the information circle or (i).

It is also possible to pick the exact color you want to use (e.g. color of your logo or colors of your website) using any color picker. Just select the color you want to get the hexadecimal value, copy that value and paste it in Reportz.

When it comes to the Dashboard footer, you can use it to show a link to your website, your email address so clients can contact you or any relevant information that suits your report.

Happy reporting!

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